Since reading Eric Weiner’s The Geography of Bliss, I have been captivated with the idea of visiting Bhutan.  This mystical, magical, and elusive country slightly east of Nepal, and bordered by India and China, seems like the last place one would go to seek out happiness.  Yet as a matter of public policy, it is the only country that I am aware of that has a ministry of happiness; and seeks to measure the net worth of the nation not through gross domestic product, but through a measure of GNH.  (Yep, thats Gross National Happiness.)

But is all well in Shangria-la? (Bhutan’s ‘gross national happiness’ masks problems, says new prime minister)  We have just completed our travels there and will be writing our experience soon.  Check back soon for our trip report.  In the meantime, why don’t you visit our Travel Tracking Map at

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