Confessions of an Airline Revenue Manager

Fascinating interview by airfarewatchdog (yeah, that’s how they write their name) with a revenue manager from an airline:

[Mistake airfares are posted by] human error. A revenue manager might attempt to do a global reduction on all North America fares for example and lower all fares by more than he intended. We have warnings and systems in place to catch these “fat finger fares” but they don’t always work and it takes a while to correct them. The consequences vary depending on the damage done. Usually you get one mistake and a warning. However, I heard through the grapevine that the guy responsible for that Dec. 26 Delta fare glitch got fired immediately. It probably cost the airline over a million dollars in lost revenue.

While it’s not surprising that it happens, it kind of takes the fun out of mistake fares1 knowing that someone will probably lose their job because of it.

  1. When an airfare is posted for free or low price by the airline, clearly in error
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