Madagascar: LEMURS!

Y’all don’t want to hear me, you just want to see Lemurs dance. That’s fine. I understand. I honestly don’t have much to add, except lemurs are awesome. Really awesome.

Before we get to the lemur pictures, let me give you at least a bit of context. We had to head three or four hours outside of Antananarivo to see them in their natural habitat. Lemurs only exist in Madagascar; you can’t find them (naturally) anywhere else. We visited two different parks with different species of lemurs. One was a jungle where we hiked for several hours through dense forest to get to the area where a family of lemurs lived. These lemurs could not survive in captivity, so it was impossible to see them anywhere but here.

The other park was more of a lemur reserve, where people could come to see them in a more contained area. It wasn’t a zoo; this was still an area where lemurs lived fairly naturally. It allowed people to get pretty close to them.

We got pretty close to them.


We also got to go see some crocodiles. And feed them. They were not as cute as the lemurs and they did not sit on our heads.

Despite some trouble, Madagascar is an absolutely incredible place and we’re thrilled that we included it on our itinerary. Our one recommendation is to make sure to do a bit of planning before you come. If you stay at the right hotel (such as the one we stayed at!) and book your drivers and guides in advance, it can be one of the most spectacular trips you’ve ever taken.

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