Staring at a Departure Board Trying to Get Home

Mommy Points doing her best to get home from a recent trip to Jamaica:

The Copa check-in desk could see our reservation, but could not check us in as they said it hadn’t been “synched” or it “hadn’t been fully sent over” by ANA.  I can’t even pretend to fully understand what this means, but I have heard of awards on partners that aren’t fully ticketed.

It’s worth reading the entire story, but needless to say, she didn’t make this flight.

So, what went wrong?  And, what do we do next?

Truthfully, I don’t really know.  We had a ticket number (ie not just a reservation confirmation number from the issuing airline).  Our reservation showed just fine on United’s website.  The outbound worked just fine.  I don’t know how or why things went astray on the return, which was on the same reservation.  Maybe someone smarter than me will have a good idea.  My guess is something with the Copa segment caused the issue, but even United said the return segment on their flight wasn’t showing correctly.

It’s frustrating when you do everything correctly and still miss a flight, but she absolutely did the right thing here:

1) Let the gate agent work on the flight while you or someone with you attempts to call the airline. It’s always good to have as many people working on a problem as is possible.

2) Even if it’s on another airline, try to find a route that can get you where you need to be. Once you find that route, tell anyone who will listen about it.

3) If you have a friend that’s more knowledgable, see if you can contact him or her for help. Especially if you’re out of the country, sometimes it’s just not possible to do what you need to while traveling internationally.

4) It’s always good to have a bank of miles to use for emergencies. I can’t imagine she won’t recoup some or all of this cost, but I’d rather be in the position of losing 35,000 miles than $2,000 dollars.

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