Barclays Will Issue four Different American Airlines Credit Cards


Following up on the earlier news of the US Airways MasterCard potentially ending soon, View from the Wing has all the info on Barclay’s new AA cards (bolding mine):

Barclays is losing the ability to issue new US Airways/American credit cards with the merger, and Citi will get that right exclusively in the U.S.

  • US Airways and American are merging frequent flyer programs.
  • The Barclays-issued US Airways card is becoming an American card.
  • You won’t be able to apply for it anymore once the programs merge.
  • This will happen during the second quarter of the year.

This is an especially interesting product because it’ll be a completely separate card that you won’t ever be able to apply for directly. That means the only way to get any of the AA Aviator Cards is by applying for the US Airways MasterCard now.

The four cards that your US Airways MasterCard will potentially turn into:

Aviator: No annual fee, one mile per $2 spent
Aviator Red: $89 annual fee; 2x miles on American Purchases
Aviator Silver: $195 annual fee; 3x miles on AA purchases, 2x miles on hotels and rental cars; opportunity to earn 5000 Qualifying Miles
Aviator Blue: No word on the annual fee; 2x on AA purchases

For a complete run down of all these cards, click on over to View from the Wing

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