How to beat jet lag, from a CEO with an insane travel schedule


From Business Insider, Microsoft Chairman, John Thompson, on jet lag:

Jet lag is psychological. If you don’t think you’re gonna have jet lag, you won’t.

OK, then how does he beat it?

Let’s just take my trip to Europe next week. I get on the plane, I take two Excedrin PM, and I go to sleep. And I wake up and it’s typically 10:30, 11 o’clock in the morning in London, and I work all day. You don’t take a nap, you take a shower, you go to work and you work all day, and you run your body on local time.

Doesn’t that ever catch up to him?

At some point over the course of about 2 or 3 weeks, you do need to kind of catch up. So plan on taking your nap and/or going to bed early for a night or two every few weeks

This is precisely my strategy when traveling abroad. If I’m heading east, I’m more than likely going to have an overnight flight. My goal is to always sleep on that flight. If I’m going to Europe, that usually works out fairly well. If I’m going a bit further, it does tend to make for a long day. But speaking as someone who spent five weeks going around the world and never spending more than four days in one place, look ahead and to whatever time zone you’re going to be on and act like you’re already on it.

(via One Mile at a Time)

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