Is Travel Relaxing?

Ben Schlappig on whether or not travel is relaxing:

While I’ve spent a vast majority of the year so far outside the US, the time I’ve spent in the US has been mostly with my parents in Florida. Spending time with my parents in Florida really makes me reflect on life in a good way, since it’s one of the few places I actually feel like I can “relax.”

He continues with:

Having collectively spent about three weeks so far this year in Florida, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably the most relaxing place in the world for me. And that’s with me pursuing this hobby ~80 hours a week. When I’m in Florida I get a ton of work done, get caught up on sleep, get to the gym every day, eat healthy, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not necessarily a good thing. My “passion” isn’t being functional and at home, but rather my passion is always being on the road. That being said, even when I’m traveling to the most relaxing destinations in the world, it’s not actually relaxing for me. And that’s fine, because “relaxation” isn’t what makes me happy.

This is something that I’ve been trying to write about for a while now. I don’t know if I’d go as far as saying relaxation doesn’t make me happy, but it’s definitely not the only consideration when I have time off. It’s part of the reason I like to schedule beach vacations for only a few days at a time; relaxing appeals to me, but at some point I just get bored with it.

I can pretty assuredly say that I can’t and don’t really want to live my life like Ben: constantly traveling from destination to destination and only spending a minimal amount of time at home. But the great thing about traveling as a hobby is that there’s no real right or wrong way to do it. If you want to live like Ben, then it’s attainable. If you want to just have free flights home for Christmas and Thanksgiving, that’s attainable too. I’m somewhere in the middle and I imagine that’s where most people want to be.

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