When You Can’t Afford “Almost Free” Travel

Mommy Points on a recent change to her family’s life:

Of course, “almost free” is not the same as totally and completely free, and as you know, not all trips can be purely funded with miles and points. It’s for those reasons that I’ve not been able to feed my addiction er, hobby with planning and booking new trips the last couple months, and it’s time I write a little about it because it is something very real that happens in lots of families. If I do nothing else here, I want to keep the realities of family travel and family life real and honest. Sometimes that will mean I’m encouraging you to pack up your kids and explore the world, and sometimes it will mean something a bit different. Today it means something a bit different.

A couple months ago my husband went to work one Friday morning only to find himself by Friday afternoon in a situation that millions of other Americans are also facing – looking for a new job. This wasn’t something we planned for or were expecting, and it goes without saying that suddenly having the primary provider of income and benefits for the family looking for work with a second child on the way is not the way we would have scripted this chapter of our lives.

Incredible and brutally honest story about a family tackling something that more and more are dealing with nowadays: the loss of a job.

It may seem petty or callous to view this through the lens of travel, which is most decidedly a luxury, but our lives are much more than going to work, coming home, and going to bed. We all have our unique interests that make us who we are. Mourning the loss of something you enjoy is completely natural.

I don’t personally know Summer or her family, but I wish them the best. I’ve got no doubt they’ll get back to where they want to be.

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